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Welcome to Frances Brice Art

Welcome to Frances Brice Art

Showcasing incredible talent and celebrating art


Showcasing incredible talent and celebrating art



Frances Brice resides in Lincolnshire today but originally hailed from the  Scottish Borders.  She grew up appreciating the beauty of her  homeland with a strong yearning to sketch/paint.  A fondly  remembered uncle would allow her to accompany him on his painting  expeditions.  His lectures on tonal values etc., fell on closed  ears in those early days but he influenced her to persevere.Frances attended Glasgow School of Art but found little inspiration there in  her desire to paint realistically the countryside.  She painted  entirely in watercolour then but was frustrated in her attempts to get  the detail she was striving to obtain.  Having turned to oils, she  finds she is now more attuned to portray the landscapes round her and  hopes it shows in her paintings.  She paints as much with her heart as she does with her brushes and is delighted when someone says "it is  so tranquil - I feel I have been there before and it is somewhere I want to always remember."Her paintings have been sought after from as far afield as Abu Dhabi - Japan - Canada and  United States of America.  Some of her paintings can be now found  as prints and greetings cards. 



My preference is oil on canvas or board which suits my fineart style of  painting beautifully.  My main subject is landscapes which often  have a piece of water in it somewhere - even if it is only reflections  in a puddle that have caught my attention.  Scottish mountain  scenes fill my heart with pride and joy (being Scottish).  But I  have in the past painted in Acrylics and naturally done Watercolour  studies.



I feel art is in my veins - something I feel compelled to do - I  personally feel quite miserable if I can't paint for any reason.   Artist block and I admit I am totally unbearable to live with.   Sitting in my studio at my easel with Pink Floyd or something  classical playing in the background and I am in my element, totally  blissfully unaware of either time or place."